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Businesses have different requirements for engagement, but it is critical to avoid coming in with a wrecking ball of opinions. Companies got to where there are because of talent and determination. It’s important to recognize that, then build upon that relative to where your organization finds itself:


​​ Foundational work, then implementation
By starting with a process systematic approach, a solid foundation can be put in place. That foundation begins with a a review what is now, empirically addressing any gaps with senior leadership.  The process includes matching engagement methodologies with company goals, behavior and desired outcomes. Read more.

Real time engagement
Especially for smaller companies, bandwidth is often at a premium as teams are small.  Sometimes you simply need to “build the airplane as it goes down the runway.” Although it tends to take a bit longer, this approach offers a way to get started quickly.  It is a jump-right-in approach that typically starts with jointly working on individual sales engagements. Read more.


Optimal engagement maintains a duality of customer centricity with your responsibility to manage the effort and expectations. Having immutable  gateways between phases in your engagement methodology (i.e. pipeline) are key to the scalable, reliable and measurable principles for growth. It is the rails the train rides on, which embraces the individual creativity in bringing in customers and deals.
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