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Are you confident in your ability to grow revenue?


Implementing B2B sales and revenue solutions. Providing optimum outcomes.


Results through the power of an outside perspective:
Sell more. Bigger deals. Manage your team more effectively.

Sales and Engagement
Are you doing what you think you should do or what is actually effective in securing new B2B Business?
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Or even upselling customers or managing partner alliance channels?  Results based selling doesn't always work the way most imagine. 

Better Manage Your Business
It is actually possible to see your business’s future with better clarity.

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The reality of vague pipeline reviews with endless promise must be balanced with a measuring stick. And that measuring stick can also tell you about your product’s performance and your future business outlook.

Increase Profitability
It Costs Too Much. Suffering from downward price pressure that is hard to handle?
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By integrating process and best practices, there are tools to handle this objection and keep your margins higher.

Improve growth and optimize revenue outcomes through hands on engagement:

 Consulting engagements
Results-based, hands-on focus with an expert that jumps in the trenches right beside you. Implement the methodology and best practices that align to the requirements of your business, while providing long lasting, scalable results. No ivory tower preaching here.

Fractional CRO roles
If your size, stage or cash flow isn’t right for a full-time sales leader, consider a part-time option. In addition to helping with strategy, marketing and sales, this role concludes with helping to backfill the position when it is time.

Advisory roles
Early stage companies can sometimes use a lighter touch from someone who has established multiple beachheads and then helped scale those organizations. Contributing through oversight could be just the right role for your startup.

Speaking engagements
Impact GTM’s principle, Mark Maragni, is well known in the Boston startup and growth stage company community. He has presented at Boston University, internationally throughout the MassChallenge accelerator and the French Consulate, the Venture Cafe and to the US Air Force/Techstars accelerators.

“Mark really paid attention to processes and listened to our staff to help us develop a course of action and valuable feedback. His direction wasn’t prescriptive it was informative and specific,”

JP La Torre, CEO

What clients say about Impact GTM


Solving for optimal revenue outcomes with improved business decision making.

Take the Impact GTM six question Wellness Check. Remember, just one symptom degrades your entire business effort.

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